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      Today we have gone to the school like any other day, but with a special class schedule due to a special speaker who came at 1:45 and spoke about the mystery of the lost English colony in Virginia. The speech lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, so we... leer más

      Today we went to Virginia Beach , to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center  where we saw a 3D movie about turtles. Then we visited the aquarium after we had lunch all together and after lunch we went to a boat to see the dolphins.... leer más

    Today we have gone to Jamestown. We have seen the first settlement of the English in the US with a tour guide that explained to us everything about it. Later we went to the museum and saw the how they lived and their traditions. Afterwards, we have gone... leer más

    Viernes 28 de Septiembre Hoy hemos visitado la ciudad de Norfolk y algunos de sus sitios. El primer lugar que hemos visitado ha sido una demostración de como se crean los cristales en sus distintas etapas, estabamos todos alucinados al ver como manejaban... leer más

Hoy nos hemos levantado para ir a colegio donde hemos empezado a las 8:15, y hoy cada uno se ha ido con su pareja de horario a las diferentes clases como biología, historia,etc… Después algunos de nosotros no hemos ido a ver el partido de fútbol de los Bulldogs... leer más

Nuestro primer día en Norfolk

                                          Our first day in school was great!!!!! At first we were all a little bit nervous but in the end, everything worked out properly. There are many things we liked, but what we liked most and caught our attention was our... leer más


Today is  Sunday 23rd and is the day in which we meet the first time with the hosts families , but first we have visited the natural museum of Washington. This excursion in my opinion has been very good, as it is the biggest museum I had visited in my life . Also, it... leer más

Visitando Washington DC

Today was the second they of the trip. In the morning we went to the zoo, we had free time, we had a chance of taking a look at all the animals that live there. Afterwards, we left at 12:30 for lunch where we enjoyed tacos and later we went for a walk around the area.... leer más

Primer día en Washington DC

Today  was our first day in Washington DC. The first thing I would like to comment about is the Bike Tour that we have done a bike, it was so funny because although it was raining we have had a good time . After when we finished with the tour, we went to a shopping... leer más

First Landing State Park

Hi, Today we have gone to one of our last excursion on this adventure. We have left school early in the morning to head towards one of the national parks in Virginia, The First Landing State park. This name was given because of the  English settlements that first... leer más