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Hi there!

Today it was our first day attending a British school. Things are a little bit different here, kids have to be in class at 8.50 for registration, and lessons finish at 3.00 pm. Pupils have to move from one class to another, and teachers have their own classrooms, so we got to see most of the school today.

We had our first immersion lesson today and went to English lessons with English students, they taught us a bit of the English sounds and phonics, we also had the chance to speak to different students and get to know them better.

After lunch, which was at 12.00, we went to a nearby school to join in a Spanish lesson, Mr. Gardner prepared a speed dating activity. Kids were moving around some groups with English students, they had to ask questions to them in Spanish and our kids had to answer back in English. They enjoyed it very much! a great way of having them using the language.

After a long day at school we went into the city centre to complete a quiz about English culture, our group leader, Jake, gave us a set of questions to complete by asking the locals. They were surprised by how kind, helpful and friendly Brighton’s people are.

After that we went back to our houses, to relax and spend some time with our families.