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Hello again!

Yesterday we had one of the most exciting days so far. We had the chance to visit the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs,  one of Britain’s finest unspoilt coastlines. After a long and steepy walk over the hill, we finally reached the top of the cliff and enjoyed the stunning  views.

Today  we had our lessons in the morning with our teacher and one hour of immersion in the cooking class, where we’ve practiced our food and cooking vocabulary playing a game with some of the English students.

The plan for today’s afternoon was to go to Preston park and play some games, but unfortunately the weather hasn’t been that good and we had some «showers», as English people call the sudden heavy rain. So we stayed in the school playing fooball,  basket and cricket and then went to explore the city centre and its shops.

It seems like tomorrow the weather is going to be pretty good, just perfect for our excursion to Lewes!