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Hello everyone!

Today we have spent our last day visiting the city of London. We met at 9 at the usual places and head off to St. Peter’s Cathedral, then we walked to the train station where we took the train to London’s Victoria Station.

Once in London we walked to the Houses of Partiament and the Big Ben, then we had a nice walk along the river Thames, where we found lots of different street performers. It has been a very crowded day in London as it was a blank holiday weekend, we were amazed by the amount of people that visit this city everyday.

We walked across one of the bridges to get to our next destination, trafalgar  square, where the National gallery is. We couldn’t get into the square because there was an Hindi festival going on, and it was closed to the general public. So we head off to Leicester Square, where we found one of our favourites shops, the m&m’s Shop!! We couldn’t resist and had to get in, to buy some of its chocolates and some souvenirs.

From there we had some more shopping time in Covern Garden, one of the most popular squares in London. And then we walked to the Royal palace, to finally go back to the Station to get the train back to Brighton.

It has been an amazing day, and we all had great fun!

Tomorrow we are going  back to Spain and to our families, I’m sure that we are all going to remember this as a great experience for the rest of our lives.