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Today we have gone to one of our last excursion on this adventure.
We have left school early in the morning to head towards one of the national parks in Virginia, The First Landing State park. This name was given because of the  English settlements that first arrived to this area before moving to Jamestown, named after the king of England, where they settled permanently.

When we arrived to the visitors centre, one of the park’s Rangers was waiting for us to give us a guided tour inside the park. We have learned lots of things about it, but the one that called our attention the most, was knowing that the noun «racoon» (mapache) is actually the name the indigenous gave to this animal at it meant «little hands washer» in the native language. Another fact that we found quite awesome,  was knowing that the water in the swamps is actually drinking water, well…you wouldn’t believe it after seeing those waters 😅

After that we made our way towards the Cape Henry lighthouse, the first lighthouse in the whole of the United states, built in the XVIII century. The views from the lantern room were amazing!

Finally, we made our way to the Outlet shops, where we have spent some time finding great deals.
A great day indeed!!!

Greatings from the NORFOLKORIANOS!!!