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Today  was our first day in Washington DC. The first thing I would like to comment about is the Bike Tour that we have done a bike, it was so funny because although it was raining we have had a good time . After when we finished with the tour, we went to a shopping center to have lunch in a restaurant called Panda express . And finally we went to the National Air and Space Museum , we had an hour by ourselves and then we went to a 3D theatre to see a documentary about the United States war and at night we went to have dinner at the famous restaurant called Hard rock.

Hoy ha sido nuestro primer día en Washington DC. Hemos hecho un tour en bicicleta , que ha sido muy divertido porque a pesar de haya llovido nos hemos divertido mucho . Después cuando hemos terminado el tour, hemos ido a un centro comercial a comer a un restaurante que se llamaba Panda Express . Finalmente , hemos ido al Museo Nacional del Aire y el Espacio, donde hemos tenido una hora para ver el museo por nuestra cuenta y luego hemos ido a un teatro a ver un documental de la guerra estadounidense en 3D. Finalmente, hemos cenado en el famoso restaurante Hard Rock.

Lucía Teclesmayer