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Today we have gone to Jamestown. We have seen the first settlement of the English in the US with a tour guide that explained to us everything about it. Later we went to the museum and saw the how they lived and their traditions. Afterwards, we have gone kayaking and it was the funniest activity of the day.  When we went kayaking we were playing with the oars to wet one another, and when we were in the middle of the excursion,  Marcos fell out of his kayak and we had to help him because he could not get on and we had to tow it to a near pier to take the water out from the kayak…… Later we came back to Norfolk Academy.

Hoy hemos ido a Jamestown, hemos visto el primer asentamiento inglés que se estableció en Estados Unidos, íbamos con un guía que nos ha explicado todo sobre Jamestown. Después hemos ido al museo a ver como vivían y a ver sus tradiciones, después hemos comido y por la tarde hemos ido a remar a los kayacs, y hacíamos guerras de agua con los remos, y cuando estábamos en mitad de la excursión Marcos se cayó del kayac y tuvimos que remolcarlo a el muelle más cercano para vaciar el kayac de agua y ayudarle a subir, después volvimos a Norfolk Academy.

25-9-2018 Álvaro