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First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park

Today we have gone to one of our last excursion on this adventure.
We have left school early in the morning to head towards one of the national parks in Virginia, The First Landing State park. This name was given because of the  English settlements that first arrived to this area before moving to Jamestown, named after the king of England, where they settled permanently.

When we arrived to the visitors centre, one of the park’s Rangers was waiting for us to give us a guided tour inside the park. We have learned lots of things about it, but the one that called our attention the most, was knowing that the noun «racoon» (mapache) is actually the name the indigenous gave to this animal at it meant «little hands washer» in the native language. Another fact that we found quite awesome,  was knowing that the water in the swamps is actually drinking water, well…you wouldn’t believe it after seeing those waters 😅

After that we made our way towards the Cape Henry lighthouse, the first lighthouse in the whole of the United states, built in the XVIII century. The views from the lantern room were amazing!

Finally, we made our way to the Outlet shops, where we have spent some time finding great deals.
A great day indeed!!!

Greatings from the NORFOLKORIANOS!!!

Lessons at Norfolk Academy

Lessons at Norfolk Academy

Hi everyone!

We want to tell you about the lessons here and how we spend school days at Nolfork Academy.

The start of the day is pretty early, lessons start at 8.15, most of the students are in school a few minutes before the first bell rings. The first lesson lasts for 1h30 min and after that lesson is Chapel time. Chapel last for 15 min and everyday there is a senior student who gives a talk about a current topic such as: healthy life styles, danger of over the counter drugs, technology, politics, etc…we find this talks were interesting and enriching.

After chapel, there is a short 15 min break, and after that everyone goes back to their lessons until lunch time at 12.30…yeah, pretty early but believe us, we feel really hungry by then.

The day finishes at 15.00, students normally have two more lessons before the school day ends. After lessons, everyone attends sports practice; American footbal, soccer, tennis, volleyball, etc…we have the chance to train with our host student or to go to the gym to do some workouts.

Regarding lessons, we have had the opportunity to attend to many different ones, such as: psycology, maths, chemistry, physics, biology, Spanish, English and much more. The school has also prepared special lessons for us, like the hip hop class or a very interesting one in American politics and today’s American slang.

We love being here and feel really welcomed and thankful for being able to life this great experience.


Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg


Today we have gone to an excursion to the Colonial Williamsburg. This place was the capital of Virginia in the 18th Century. It is like an open museum, with real people and real houses, shops and roads that make you travel in time!

Our guide Cris, took us to some amazing places such as,  The Geddy Foundry, where people used to take their silver coins to change them into silver cutlery or jewels. One thing that we discovered there, was that those coins were actually Spanish silver  «reales» that were used in America at that time. We also visited The blacksmiths, who used to transform red-hot iron into tools, hardware and weapons. We  pulled up water from a well too, quite a tough task at that time, as people needed to pull out 40 buckets a day at least to cover their necessities. We also visited the jail and the Capitol, which was like a town hall and a court where one of the most important events in the American history occurred, the Declaration of Independence of the state of Virginia from England, something that led to the actual Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July 1776.

Without a doubt one of the most exciting and interesting excursions ever!

After the tour, we went  to Merchan square when we found really nice gourmet shops and boutiques, a bit too exclusive for our taste…but pretty  charming and peaceful.

And at the end of the day some of us stayed at school to watch our first American football match between Norfolk Academy and another school. Sooo cool!

What a top day!!!




Donuts with Mr. Manning

Donuts with Mr. Manning


Today it has been a very special day, as Mr. Manning, the Headmaster at Norfolk Academy, and Mrs. Manning, have invited us to have a great breakfast with donuts and chocolate milk.

It was delicious!! What a fantastic treat!




Hello everyone!

Today we have spent our last day visiting the city of London. We met at 9 at the usual places and head off to St. Peter’s Cathedral, then we walked to the train station where we took the train to London’s Victoria Station.

Once in London we walked to the Houses of Partiament and the Big Ben, then we had a nice walk along the river Thames, where we found lots of different street performers. It has been a very crowded day in London as it was a blank holiday weekend, we were amazed by the amount of people that visit this city everyday.

We walked across one of the bridges to get to our next destination, trafalgar  square, where the National gallery is. We couldn’t get into the square because there was an Hindi festival going on, and it was closed to the general public. So we head off to Leicester Square, where we found one of our favourites shops, the m&m’s Shop!! We couldn’t resist and had to get in, to buy some of its chocolates and some souvenirs.

From there we had some more shopping time in Covern Garden, one of the most popular squares in London. And then we walked to the Royal palace, to finally go back to the Station to get the train back to Brighton.

It has been an amazing day, and we all had great fun!

Tomorrow we are going  back to Spain and to our families, I’m sure that we are all going to remember this as a great experience for the rest of our lives.