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Nuestro primer día en Norfolk


Our first day in school was great!!!!! At first we were all a little bit nervous but in the end, everything worked out properly. There are many things we liked, but what we liked most and caught our attention was our presentation in front of the whole secondary,  But there’s another thing that we liked and it is how kind they were with us, and what we also liked was how they greeted us and how they welcomed us to Norfolk academy.  It made us all feel part of the school. It was brilliant!!!!!!!


Nuestro primer día en Norfolk fue bien, al principio estábamos todos un poco nerviosos pero al final todo fue bien. Hay muchas cosas que nos gustaron y que nos llamaron la atención en Norfolk, pero lo que más nos gustó fue la presentación que tuvimos delante de toda la secundaria. Pero también hay otra cosa que nos gustó mucho, y es lo majos que eran con nosotros y la forma en la que nos saludaban y daban la bienvenida al colegio.





Today is  Sunday 23rd and is the day in which we meet the first time with the hosts families , but first we have visited the natural museum of Washington. This excursion in my opinion has been very good, as it is the biggest museum I had visited in my life . Also, it has lots of impressive fossils. When we finished our tour , we just started the trip to Norfolk . In between, we had lunch in a buffet restaurant that was really good. Few hours later we met our host families and went to their homes.

Hoy es 23 the Septiembre y es el día en el que vamos a conocer a nuestras familias de intercambio . Antes de empezar nuestro viaje hacia Norfolk hicimos una visita al museo natural the Washington . Me gustó mucho ya que disponía de cosas que en España no conocemos , también había grandes fósiles . Cuando nuestra visita acabó, comenzamos el trayecto hacia Norfolk , paramos a comer en un buffet que estaba muy bueno. Más tarde continuamos nuestro viaje y conocimos a nuestras familias para estas tres semanas.

Gonzalo Castañeyra

Visitando Washington DC

Today was the second they of the trip. In the morning we went to the zoo, we had free time, we had a chance of taking a look at all the animals that live there. Afterwards, we left at 12:30 for lunch where we enjoyed tacos and later we went for a walk around the area. Finally, we went shopping and enjoyed a lot looking for deals. We reached the hotel in the afternoon for us to change clothes for dinner.

We went to a pizza restaurant and after we had a wonderful bus tour around Washington at night, which we really appreciate it as it was really beautiful.

Hoy era el segundo día de nuestro viaje. Por la mañana fuimos al zoo, tuvimos tiempo libre, dimos un paseo and vimos los animales, después nos fuimos a las 12:30 a comer. Comimos en un restaurante de tacos, después de comer fuimos a dar un paseo por la calle e ir a comprar, después descansamos en el hotel.

A las 18:30, nos fuimos a cenar a una pizzería. Después de cenar, tuvimos un tour en autobús alrededor de Washington, los monumentos eran súper bonitos por la noche, nos gustó mucho.

Clara Marsá


Charlotesville Football Game

Charlotesville Football Game


It is Saturday 16 and it was the football game in which Virginia played. My family took me to Charlotesville, a place which is 3 hours away Virginia Beach. It is a beautiful place, but the shops are expensive!

Today in the morning we went to have bagels for breakfast (a very typical food in america), and then we went to the Mincer’s book store in which we bought some shirts for the football game and tattoos for our faces!

The football game started at 12am and finished at 3pm. It was the first football game that I have seen apart from the ones in american movies and I have to admit it was pretty awesome. We had a lot of fun and it is something I will never forget!

by Sandra

We are visiting Norfolk!

We are visiting Norfolk!

Hello everyone,

Today we have visited Norfolk!

We have gone to the Chrysler Museum where we have seen a  glassblowing demonstration. After that we ate lunch in a very nice park facing the port, we had chicken hamburgers 🍔 and chips🍟, it was delicious😋.

Then we went to the Nauticus Museum and we did a Tour of Battleship Wisconsin. We have been in a very big ship! We had lots of fun playing with everything around, dressing up and discovering a little bit of the American History during war time.

At the end of the day we went to the MacArthur Center, which is a shopping center and we bought a lot of things.

Finally we arrived to Norfolk Academy, where our families were waiting for us.

It has been a fantastic day, we have had a lot of fun!

By Sofia