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Easy Tap

Easy Tap es un producto exclusivamente creado para ayudar a las personas más necesitadas de países subdesarrollados, este producto es sencillo y fácil de producir además de barato, es un filtrador de agua el cuál facilitara el acceso a agua potable. Easy Tap is a... leer más


The aim of this company is to help and make everybody be aware of the environment dangers like global warming. This idea was created because we went to a dump and saw all the rubbish that was there. We were so surprised and amazed that we wanted to create this app. In... leer más


Hola, somos Santiago Blanco, Valeria Sánchez, Belén González, Carlos Menéndez y Alba Sánchez, alumnos de 3°ESO A y para nuestra clase de empresariales hemos creado esta empresa social, que se dedica a alquilar, vender y comprar, a través de nuestra página web,... leer más

The new beautiful

Hi! We are Lucia, Elvira, Sara and Claudia, We have created this company because in our society there are girls who have anorexia just because they see  maniquins are  so skinny and they want to be like them. If we make a maniquin that is a bit fatter they... leer más


ENGLISH – Hello and welcome to our social company «QuickJob»! In this company we look for jobs for all those persons who are in social needs. – Why did we decide to make this company? Unfortunately, there are many people who need economic help and as their... leer más


Our idea is to make a restaurant in which we could join different cultures and dishes of each continent in one, and also we are going to give a job to immigrants who don’t have one and they need it to buy food and to live. This restaurant will have a social... leer más

Help me!

We created a company for a school project, this company is about an app to help people in our area, as we thought it was the solution for everything you need. You can help people who is near or far, in the app it will appear a map and the people that would be able to... leer más


What is it about? This app is for teenagers or adults who need and want to meet friends, because they feel sad and alone, so they can meet different people in their same situation. When you download the app, you introduce yourself and you can search for people and... leer más


In the Entrepreneurial management class we are creating our own entreprise. Each of the groups comes up with an idea of a product and then creates a logo for the enterprise which has to do with it, thinks about the prices and also we have to do a video showing it. In... leer más


Hello, our company is Helpinlink! The purpose of this enterprise is to help children who can’t study some subjects because of economic problems, or who need some help with their classes. Helpinlink is an app and webpage where students can log in and communicate... leer más