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Dorothy Stringer High School



Hello everyone! Today we have spent our last day visiting the city of London. We met at 9 at the usual places and head off to St. Peter’s Cathedral, then we walked to the train station where we took the train to London’s Victoria Station. Once in London we... leer más

Lewes and the Marina

Hello! Time runs so fast when you are having a good time. We are getting to the end of our immersion week and the overall feeling is fantastic, we love being here, learning new things and visiting amazing places. Yesterday we did some sports at school and then we had... leer más

Seven Sisters

Hello again! Yesterday we had one of the most exciting days so far. We had the chance to visit the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs,  one of Britain’s finest unspoilt coastlines. After a long and steepy walk over the hill, we finally reached the top of the cliff and... leer más

First day at school

Hi there! Today it was our first day attending a British school. Things are a little bit different here, kids have to be in class at 8.50 for registration, and lessons finish at 3.00 pm. Pupils have to move from one class to another, and teachers have their own... leer más

First day in Brighton

Hi everyone! Our kids are already enjoying Brighton’s adventure in England. After an early flight to London, a mini bus took us all to the beautiful city of Brighton in which we continued our day enjoying a lovely walk into the city centre, visiting the... leer más